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Wooden Round Purple Martin House



Round Copper Roof Purple Martin House
This beautiful hand crafted Amish wooden house is made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Constructed using 3/8" weather-resistant stained pine and topped off with a heavy 16-gauge bright copper top roof and decorative wooden turned finial. Includes a wooden mounting bracket for any
4" x 4" post. 12 room house measures 40"H x 18"W and 15 room house is 40"H x 24"W. Average Room Size is 8" x 6" (pie shaped) House Weight: 30lbs

Comes with three levels and copper porch rails to help keep the little martins from falling out. Available in polished copper top or verdigris/patina roof finish. Clam shell open design allows for the removal of your house for nest checks, See details on how to open your wooden martin house. Inside house is constructed using 5/8" pine. Unique round design allows each opening to face a different direction, an important factor for housing male martin birds.
  • Aluminum pole is currently not available. Use this house to mount on your own 4" x 4" wooden post.

  • Select our 12 or 15 room copper top model.  Each house is hand made to order and takes 2-4 weeks for delivery. House delivery can be longer during the season. Pole ships to you within 2-3 business days from a different manufacturer.
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12 Room House  $399.00

15 Room House  $409.00

... Optional Patina Roof

Add Patina Finish $20.00

... Use your own 4" x 4" wooden post...


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