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Coates Ultimate Aluminum Purple Martin House Pole

Ultimate Aluminum Telescoping Pole This may be one of the BEST martin poles we've ever seen. Light weight but very durable with a base that is 3 inches thick. Stainless steel spring loaded locking pins keep each of the four pole sections tight and secure at all times. The easy-slide movement of the aluminum make this an easy pole to raise and lower.

The ultimate pole top section measures 1 5/8" OD and will hold any base that measures 1 1/2" OD in diameter. A 24 inch heavy duty plastic ground socket is ready to cement right out of the box, included stainless hardware locks pole into ground socket. Recessed insert in base prevents dirt, cement and other debris from entering the pole while its inside the ground socket. Entire pole measures 16' two feet of which gets put into the included ground socket.

Already have a wooden house and need a pole and bracket? Try the matching heavy duty Coates wooden house plate. It measures 6" x  6" square designed to fit over the Ultimate Aluminum pole shown here.


14 Foot Aluminum  
      Telescoping Pole
includes Ground Socket

... add a matching wooden
house base plate ...

6" x  6" House Plate  


Made to fit your Coates house the Ultimate Aluminum Telescoping Pole will fit any house with a standard base width of 1 1/2" OD.







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