Coates Starling Resistant Purple Martin House

Standard Features

All Starling Resistant  models have crescent shaped entry holes.  Studies show that these are effective against entry by the invasive European Starling.  

Each Starling Resistant house includes a Mounting Plate and Socket.  The mounting plate attaches beneath so that the house sits on top of its pole.  The socket accepts a  inch outside diameter round pole.

The extra long Top Perch is the preferred resting spot for Martin's - sit back and watch them watch you.

The roof is Reflective and the attic is well Ventilated.   By providing a void air space between the roof and top floor, this creates the same effect as the attic in your house.  Nesting cavities are better protected from extreme temperatures.

Porch Dividers are designed to prevent a natural tendency called " Male Porch Domination" and help promote high occupancy.

Guard Rails help hold the new young birds from fledging too soon and falling prey to natural enemies. All Coates Houses are completely enclosed by guard rails.

All Coates models also come with Hinged Doors allowing for easy cleaning and general inspection of each room. The doors also provide the opportunity to show children what the nest and newly hatched bird looks like.

Coates Telescoping Poles 
Select a Standard (18 gauge) telescoping pole to match your new Coates Purple Martin House. Zinc plated thumb screws set the pole and hold it at the desired height. The optional 24" ground socket is available for the Heavy Duty pole.  It can be buried or cemented into the ground, providing a stable sleeve for insertion.

Standard Size Pole                     
12' Telescoping, 18 Gauge             
Base Section: 1.90" diameter         
Fits any Coates House                  

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