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Heath 18 Room Aluminum Purple Martin House Scout Special

Affordable Aluminum Purple Martin Houses


Heath 18 Room Purple Martin House Special
A lot of websites offer decoys and books in an attempt to great extra value. We at Purple Martin House have come up with this attractive, affordable and effective martin house packaged for maximum valve based on our own experience and customer feedback.  The hexagonal design affords privacy and leads to higher occupancy rates.  Each floor has six rooms and the floors can be stacked up to four high. This package includes everything you will need to get started in the hobby of housing your very own Purple Martin colony.

Extra Porch Rails:
Designed to keep the baby martins from falling off as they venture outside their Heath home. Every season we receive many requests from past customers of ours and other websites who have lost their porch rails and are looking for replacements. We decided to offer a set of six extra porch rails to help folks when they go missing. Yes these rails are plastic and snap in place along the outside edge of each house level. Folks often loose a few rails when the wind starts to blow.

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  • Free 32 page martin landlord book with full color pictures and troubleshooting guides for the first time martin enthusiast.
  • Heath 15' Easy Key lock telescoping pole with ground socket. More Details Here.
  • extra set of six Heath Porch Rails, enough for a full level on your Heath hexagonal house.
  • 18 Round Door Plugs
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18 Room House
      Package               $149.00

Package includes: 18 Room aluminum Heath House, 15 Foot Easy Key Lock Heath Pole, 32 Page Purple Martin Landlord Book, set of 6 extra porch rails.

... add Pole Guard
Deluxe Pole Guard $49.00

Additional Heath Accessories

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