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Heath Wooden Purple Martin House

A unique Purple Martin House

Add a Gourd Rack to your Heath House!

Heath Wooden Purple Martin House comes fully assembled and ready for your martins to move in. This 12 unit  wooden house is solidly made and is fastened with screws.  The Heath wooden house does NOT have door openings. In order to service each cavity the sides or the roof top of the house must be unscrewed in order to gain access into each room.

Popular with landlords not wishing to assemble an aluminum house.
  • Matching Easy-Key Lock telescoping pole extends to 15 feet and comes complete with a ground socket.

  • The Deluxe Pole Guard helps prevent climbing predators; it measures 23" long and 8" in diameter.
Select a House Size

12 Room House  $155.00
Round Holes

12 Room House  $169.00
Starling Holes

... add a matching 15 foot
Telescoping Pole

Easy-Key Lock Pole $72.00  with Ground Socket

Click Here to add a Gourd Rack

 How to identify your backyard martins.

Guide to Buying a Purple Martin House.

Guide to Attracting Purple Martins

Helpful hints on maintaining Purple Martin Houses