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Heritage Farms Quad Pod System

Heritage Farms Quad Pod System  
Designed by Purple Martin enthusiasts, the stackable Quad Pod System by Heritage Farms provides 90-degree privacy and excellent predator protection.  This leads to high occupancy and excellent rates of success.  Experience shows that this is one of the top
designs in the field. See above note regarding the quantity of pods placed in your cart when ordering this system.

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  • The matching heavy-duty pole has a winch for easily raising and lowering of up to 4 pods (16 rooms). The pole measures 2 " in diameter, comes in three 6 ft sections and includes a three foot ground sleeve. 
  • The Deluxe Pole Guard helps prevent climbing predators; it measures 23" long and 8" in diameter 

  • Additional Accessories for the
    Heritage Farms Quad Pod System


Select a House Size

Single Pod   (4 Room)  

2 Pods         (8 Room)

3 Pods        (12 Room)

4 Pods        (16 Room)

Note: the quantities in the shopping cart represent 4 rooms to each pod system. If you order 8 rooms (2) pods will be placed in your shopping cart, etc, etc.

     ... add matching 18 foot
     Telescoping Pole

Heavy Duty Pole with
      Ground Socket 

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