Heritage Farms Quad Pod Purple Martin House

Each Stackable  pod has four well ventilated 8 x 8 nest cavities oriented 90 degrees from one other.  Stacked units are offset at 45 degrees for maximum privacy and space.  Pods can be added or removed without disturbing other units.

Choose either Standard Round or Starling Resistant entry holes.  Winter Door Stops are included.

Each nest boxes contain an Internal Predator Guard to help prevent intrusion into the nest.  This guard also serves as an internal perch.

Inspection and Cleaning is a Snap: tops, bottoms and porches snap into place for easy inspection.  The cavities can also be fully removed and disassembled for cleaning. 

Heritage Farms Easy-Lift Pole and Winch 
The Quad-Pod Heritage Farms Martin Housing is specially designed to be used with the Easy-Lift pole system. The galvanized steel pole is 18' long (15' above ground) by 2.5" diameter.  It uses an internal cable and pulley with a heavy duty winch to raise and lower your martin home with only two fingers. The ground socket is extra long (three feet) and offers exceptional stability when cemented into the ground.

Heavy Duty Pole and Ground Socket
18 ft Pole x 2.5 inch Diameter (come in three 6 ft sections)
 plus a 3 ft Ground Socket

Heritage Farms Deluxe Aluminum Pole Guard
Help keep those pesky critters such as snakes and raccoon's from preying on your martin colony. This heavy duty aluminum pole guard is a snap to install. Light weight but very sturdy, the 23" long pole guard will securely attach to your Heritage Farm pole.

 How to identify your backyard martins.

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