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Lonestar Goliad Purple Martin House

Premium Aluminum Purple Martin Houses

The Lonestar Goliad 12 to 24 Room Purple Martin House is one of the most effective ... and attractive ... designs made.  The heavy-gauge aluminum Goliad features extra-large nest cavities (6 x 6 x 12 in size) and your choice of either standard round openings or crescent-shaped starling-resistant holes. Both models ship fully assembled as stackable units.

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  • The 12 room house consists of a top, middle and bottom unit.  You can add up to three more middle units to create a 16, 20 or 24 unit colony.

  • The Cable and Winch Pole is made from 2 square, rust-resistant galvanized steel. It comes in three sections and includes a ground sleeve.

  • The Pole Guard helps prevent climbing predators; it measures 23" long and 8" in diameter.
Select a House

12 Room House   $640.00
 Round Holes

12 Room House    $640.00
Starling Resistant Holes

Add-a-Unit (4 more Rooms)

Round Holes $269.00 

Starling Resistant Holes

... add a matching 15 foot

Cable & Winch Pole
& Ground Socket $399.00

... add Pole Guard
Deluxe Guard

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Additional Lonestar Accessories



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