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Lonestar Goliad Jr Purple Martin House

Premium Aluminum Purple Martin Houses

The original Lonestar Goliad Purple Martin House now comes in an 8 room Jr.size! Features extra-large nest cavities (6 x 6 x 12 in size) and is available your choice of either standard round openings or crescent-shaped starling-resistant holes. Both models ship fully assembled.

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  • The Cable and Winch Pole is made from 2 square, rust-resistant galvanized steel. It comes in three sections and includes a ground sleeve.

  • The Pole Guard helps prevent climbing predators; it measures 23" long and 8" in diameter.

  • Order optional perch rods (as shown) here.
Select a House

8 Room House     $469.00
 Round Holes

8 Room House      $469.00
Starling Resistant Holes

Add-a-Unit (4 more Rooms)

Round Holes $269.00 

Starling Resistant Holes

... add a matching 15 foot

Cable & Winch Pole
& Ground Socket

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