Lonestar Purple Martin Accessories

Lonestar Nest Trays
Nest inspection and clean up is a snap with these roomy heavy duty nesting trays tailor made for all Lonestar houses.  They are made from 3/4" thick pine and white white poly. Turn them around in the off season and they act as a door stops! 

8- Nesting Trays   $69.99  
12-Nesting Trays  $99.99  
14-Nesting Trays  $119.99 
Lonestar Perch Rods
Add these aluminum perches to your Lonestar house. Each is 12" long x 1/4" diameter.

8-Perch Rod Set   $15.99  
12- Perch Rod Set $23.99 
14- Perch Rod Set $27.99 

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