Lonestar Goliad Purple Martin House

Lonestar martin housing is state of the art and top of the line.  Houses are made of heavy gauge, white, heat reflective Riveted Aluminum and the attics are fully insulated for additional protection.

Individual Porches with Dividers combined with the 90 degree separation of units discourage "male porch domination" and leads to very high rates of occupancy.

The twelve Large Nesting Cavities measure 6" x 6" x 12" in size, providing ample interior room to avoid predation.

Nesting Trays (sold separately) allow individual nests to be removed for inspection - these are a great option!

Perch Rods (sold separately) can easily be added.  Made from solid aluminum, they are 12" in length and slide through - providing a double perch for each cavity.

Select Standard Round or Starling Resistant entry holes - both styles ship assembled.

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Lonestar Pole System
This heavy-duty pole comes complete with a with a winch.  It is made from 2 square, rust-resistant galvanized steel; comes in three sections; has a ground sleeve and stands about 15 feet tall.

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Lonestar Deluxe Aluminum Pole Guard
Help keep those pesky critters such as snakes and raccoon's from preying on your martin colony. This heavy duty aluminum pole guard is a snap to install. Light weight but very sturdy, the 23" long pole guard attaches securely to your Lonestar pole.

 How to identify your backyard martins.

Guide to Buying a Purple Martin House.

Guide to Attracting Purple Martins

Helpful hints on maintaining Purple Martin Houses