Lonestar Quality Gourd & Rack Systems

Already have a Lonestar house and pole and would like to add a gourd rack?

Add-A-Rack System:
Designed to fit your Lonestar pole and mount under any Lonestar house the Add-A-Rack allows you to use both types of martin housing on the same pole! Kit includes 4-39 3/4" arms, cable and all hardware needed to set up in just minutes. Each rack will hold up to 8 gourds see below for Super Gourd Selections.
Lonestar Add-A-Rack System
$120.00   Ships Free!

Would you like to purchase a pole and gourd rack kit?

Gourd Rack System:
Now you can set up to 16 gourds with the Lonestar gourd rack! Rack is made from top quality, heavy duty metal that will hold up best to the outdoor elements. Rack is designed to fit on to the Lonestar square pole and provides a large amount of perching areas with the supplied cables. Kit comes with eight 39 3/4" arms, cable and all hardware. Select the matching pole and Super Gourd package to complete this system.
Lonestar Gourd Rack System
$179.00   Ships Free!

Lonestar Pole System Required for Gourd Rack
Ships Free!
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Super Gourd Features
1 Piece blow molded construction
High-density polyethyline plastic
Empty weight of 31 ounces
Pre-drilled 1/4" on top for easy hanging
45 degree viewing angle inspection port
Constructed using UV Inhibitors


Super Gourd Packages
Engineered based on 20 years of research in the biology of the Purple Martin the Super Gourd by Bird Abode is regarded as one of the best. Made from one piece molded plastic each gourd weighs in at a hefty 31 oz when empty. Gourd reflect sunlight which helps keep the interior temperature down.

8-Gourds Round
$140.00 Ships Free!
16-Gourds Round
$275.00 Ships Free!
8-Gourds Crescent
$140.00 Ships Free!
$45.00 Ships Free!

16-Gourds Crescent
$275.00 Ships Free!
Use only with Crescent
hole gourds! Porches are now screw on type and require drilling in to your gourd.

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