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Nature House 12 Room Purple Martin House

Aluminum Safety System Purple Martin Houses

This Nature House MSS-12 room model is called a Safety System because it comes complete and because it offers a uniquely safe raising and lowering martin house. Made from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum and considered one of the easiest Purple Martin House systems to operate and manage.  It also comes with traditional round entry holes that many people prefer. Visit our accessory link below to select other door and house options.

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  • These houses come complete with a matching pole.  and 12 room house uses a rope lanyard with a device that locks the house in place when the rope is released.
  • The Deluxe Pole Guard helps prevent climbing predators; it measures 23" long and 8" in diameter.
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12 Room House
Complete Safety System  

Safety Systems include:

Lanyard Rope with Lock

14' Pole
Ground Socket
Winter Door Stops
Dri-nest Sub floors





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