Nature House Purple Martin Accessories
for M-12K and DH-12N Models

12 Room Predator Guard
Available for the Nature House 12 room Pioneer model home the optional Predator Guard will help keep out the natural enemy's of your martin family. Easily attaches to the guard rail and metal edges of your house. The guard is made of the same high quality aluminum as your martin home.
12 Room Predator Guard  $65.99


Replacement Doors
Replace your standard round hole 6" x 6" doors on any Nature House model to make it starling proof. Use the blank door when making modifications and enlarging compartments in your Nature House.
  12-Pack Starling Doors    $43.99  
 12-Pack Blank Doors        $43.99  
some older Nature House Doors measured 8" x 6" and these doors will NOT fit on them. Measure first to be sure doors will fit your Nature House.


 12-Pack Door Plugs    $18.99  

 8-Pack Porch Dividers        $19.99  
Help prevent male dominance from taking over your martin colony. Dividers snap in place on the M-12K Pioneer and Safety System models.



12-Sub Floors        $26.99  
DN-2 Fits M-12K Pioneer House models.


Martin House Perch $21.99
Need additional perching space on your Nature House Pole? Designed to fit on any standard Nature House telescoping pole or ANY pole with the out diameter of 1 3/4".



Sparrow Trap    $69.99  
Prevent those pesky sparrows from taking over your martin house with this gentle action two compartment live trap. Fits on your Nature House pole or can be used on the ground. Ready to bait with bread or corn.

 Spare-O-Door Trap       $37.99 
Designed to fit on any Nature House door opening. No bait needed. Once sparrow enters house the hole closed up!

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