Nature House Aluminum Martin Houses

Standard Features Include:

With baked-on enamel, heat reflective, attractive, durable and very light weight your Nature House martin home will last a lifetime and provide unlimited accommodations for your favorite martin bird.

A Top Perch is provided on the Pioneer model and offers an additional high resting place for your martin friends. Made of the same high quality aluminum as your house the top perch will help attract martins to your home.

A proper well Ventilated and Reflective Roof promote good air-flow and keep your Nature House home cool. The aluminum construction and predominantly white color exterior also help aid in heat reduction.

Included Guard Barrier's help hold the new young birds from fledging too soon and falling prey to natural enemies. The 12 room Pioneer comes with added safety guard rails.

All Nature House models come with mounting brackets that connect to both the DP-16 or MPQ telescoping poles provided by Nature House or will work using any standard sized 1-1/4" to 1-5/16" pole (outside diameter)

Included with your Nature House Home the Winter Door Stops will allow you to close off your purple martin home during the off season. They are made of the same quality aluminum as the houses and will last the life of your new martin home.

Nature House Poles
DP-16 Posi-Lock Pole:
The DP-16 is a simple 3 section telescoping pole for raising and lowering your martin house. Adjust from 5 to 14 feet using metal locking pins. Pole is made from galvanized steel. This pole works with the MPS 24" Ground Socket which can be cemented into the ground for quick removal of your martin home when not in use.
MPQ Quick Lock Pole:
Offers quick locking clamps and comes in three telescoping sections. Pole is 14' high and 2" in diameter. Adjust from 5 to 14 feet. This is one of the few poles that can be lowered one inch at a time! Can be used with the MPS 24" ground socket.

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