Nature House Purple Martin Home

Nature House Martin homes have long been around along time and their widespread use is one of the reasons Purple Martin populations have done so well in North America.  

The Top Perch  provides a high resting place and helps attract martins to your home.  It's made of the same high quality aluminum as your house.

The well Ventilated and Reflective Roof promotes good air-flow and keeps your Nature House home cool. The baked-on white & green enamel and aluminum construction also aids in heat reduction.

The Hexagonal design provides separation and privacy.  Guard Rails help hold the new young birds from fledging too soon and falling prey to natural enemies. All Nature House homes come standard with guard rails.

All Nature House models also come with Hinged Door systems to allow for easy cleaning and general inspection of the rooms. Included Dri-nest sub floors  raise the nest about 1/4" above the floor for extra drainage. 

Winter Door Stops are provided so that you can close off your Purple Martin home during the off season. They are made of the same quality aluminum as the houses and will last the life of your new martin home.

Optional Porch Dividers check our porch dividers from our accessory page, see it here

The Unique Nature House Safety System

The 8 and 12 Room Nature House Safety System model's use an easy locking latch system for  quick and safe raising and lowering of your martin home. Grooves on your pole lock into place with a spring loaded metal clip located on the house. As you pull on the lanyard, the locking device unlatches to allow the house to be raised or lowered one notch at a time.

 How to identify your backyard martins.

Guide to Buying a Purple Martin House.

Guide to Attracting Purple Martins

Helpful hints on maintaining Purple Martin Houses