From time to time we receive request from customers regarding the warranty on the S and K plastic houses. We have provided the manufacturers warranty below. For any warranty issues you must contact S and K directly at 800-764-8688.

S and K Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
S and K Manufacturing, Inc. warrants its bird houses to be free of material or workmanship defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase. S and K Manufacturing, Inc. Extends its limited lifetime warranty on the Bird Houses when the Bird House is used with an S and K Manufacturing, Inc. Tri-Tel/Quad-Tel Pole or any other S and K Manufacturing, Inc. Pole Adapter. This warranty is limited to replacement or repair of the defected Bird House part. Customer must pay to the manufacturer $12.95 for shipping and handling charges. In all cases, your warranty application must be filled out in full by the buyer and on file with S and K Manufacturing, Inc. for any warranty to apply. Proof of Purchase Receipt Required. Warranty does not include weather related issues and or acts of god.

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