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S & K Aluminum Multi-Rack System

Heavy Duty Multi Gourd Rack Constructed out of 11 gauge steel rack holds up to 12 gourds Unique design allows for Rack and Extension to be formed and mounted on three of the S and K easy-lift pole models to hold up to 24 gourds. Rack slides easily up and down the pole and will hold any of the S & K gourds. Pole comes in four sections and has four cross arms that are mounted to provide up to three mounting points per section for a total of 12 gourds per level. See diagram above for cross section view of gourd configuration.

An extension rack can be added to create a second layer of gourds that sits about 24" below the top layer and includes 12v more mounting places for second layer of gourds. Rack works with the following S & K poles, 2 3/8 Pole, RP19 and 2" Square Pole.
Select a Gourd Rack

Single Level Multi-Rack
      Holds 12 Gourds $99.00

... add a second layer of gourds ...

Extension for Multi-Rack
      Holds 12 gourds  $79.00


... add a matching Pole ...

13.5' Quick-Lift Pole

includes Ground Socket

14' Easy Lift Pole $179.00
includes Ground Socket

13.5' Square Pole $199.00

... add a Matching Gourd Set

 12 Bo Gourds$186.00

 12 Big Bo Gourds $239.00

12 Bo Nine Gourds$275.00

12 Bo ElevenGourds $311.00
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