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S & K Bo Eleven Gourd Plus

Bo Eleven Multi-Use Gourd
New design from S and K proves to be hit with martin landlords throughout the USA! Each purple martin BoEleven gourd comes with 4 separate entrance panels that snap in place in seconds and accommodates entry for Martins, Blue Birds and Tree Swallows (1-Starling, 1-1.25" Round, 1-2" Round, 1-oblong opening). Includes door plugs to block of your gourd when not in use. This roomy gourd measures 11 inches overall and has a 10 inch interior for your favorite martin family.

Made from durable UV protected High Density Polyethylene the Bo Eleven gourd has a heavy duty black inner shell that's molded to fit tightly inside and provide light free housing for your family of martins.

Unique vented top cap helps hot air that enters through the bottom portion of your gourd escape which keeps your gourd up to 25% cooler in those warmer months. Your martins will also stay dry with its built-in dry nest drainage system.

Textured interior of gourd provides sure-footing for even the smallest of martins. Comes with front clinger porch and oversized inspection port that you entire hand can fit into without any problems.

Select Gourd set

4 Bo Eleven Gourds $109.95
Round & Crescent Openings

6 Bo Eleven Gourds $156.95
Round & Crescent Openings

       ... add a Gourd Rack ...

Single Gourd Rack 
      fits up to 6 gourds    $29.95

         ... add a matching
        Telescoping Pole ...

15 Foot Triangular
     Telescoping Pole $119.00
incl. Ground Socket

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