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The Heavenly Haven Martin House

10 Room Heavenly Haven Purple Martin House offers 10 spacious 9" x 9" rooms for a full sized martin colony. The inside nesting area has a textured so the babies can keep a sure footing as they begin to move about. Roof top rain gutters allow for maximum water run-off.

This house is uniquely constructed to work with the newest S&K round pole EXRP19 model. House slides smoothly up and down the stationary pole using a rope and pulley system built-in to the top of the pole. Note: Porches will not fit on this house.

Made from 100% UV protected plastic your S & K house comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer!
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10 Room Haven     $79.00

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PRT-8513 Round Pole $169.00       Includes Ground Socket


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