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S & K Standard Gourd Rack & Gourds

Standard Gourd Rack
Our Standard Gourd Rack fits the Quad Telescoping pole. Each gourd rack can hold up to 6 gourds per level. You can add up to two racks per quad-tel pole. Optional 15 foot  telescoping pole with ground socket.
Select Gourd Rack

Single Gourd Rack  $19.00
Holds up to 6 Gourds

Double Gourd Rack  $35.00
Holds up to 12 Gourds

        ... add a matching
        Telescoping Pole ...

15 Foot Triangular
     Telescoping Pole $99.95
incl. Ground Socket

... add a Matching Gourd Set

Set of 6 Bo Gourds $93.00

Set of 6 Double Gourds    $143.00

... add Pole Guard

Pole Guard     $25.00

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