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S & K Easy Lift Pole System


Easy Lift Pole System
The Easy Lift Pole has a built-in counter weight so raising and lowering your gourds is a snap. View more info here.

The pole is 2-3/8" diameter pole and is constructed of galvanized steel alloy.  Large pulleys offer easy-glide action and a top cap helps keep the pulleys and rope high and dry. Overall pole height is 14.5 feet, usable height is 12 feet once put in to the ground.

Add mounting Blocks and Arms separately depending on the type of gourds you will use.  The optional aluminum gourd rack comes with 8 arms and will hold up to 8 gourds per level - you can view all the choices here.  

Then add matching quantities of our Original Bo, Big Bo gourds.  

Also be sure to check out the Fountain Rack works well with this pole.

The optional winch makes raising and lowering even easier.  It's especially useful with multiple racks. Every Easy-Lift pole comes with a perch station

NOTE: This pole only comes with winch installed. There are NO perch rods with this pole and winch set-up because of the cable interfering with the top perch rods.

Select an EZ Lift Pole

14' Easy Lift Pole $225.00
includes Ground Socket

   Above pole includes Cable an Winch

... add a Fountain Rack
     View Choices           $99.00

... add Gourds...

Only use the Fountain arms with the Bo 9 and Bo11 style gourds

Eight Bo Nine Gourds  $180.00
Eight Bo Eleven Gourds$208.00


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