The Barn Purple Martin House

Constructed from highly durable UV grade Polypropylene copolymer plastic - the Barn carries a Manufacture's Lifetime Warranty.

Rooms are standard 6 in x 6 in in size - or "tear down" an intervening wall to make them 6 in x 12 in (then use door plugs to block off one of the entrances).  This versatile house comes with Starling Resistant entrances, however you can also cut out Standard Round entry holes if you prefer.

The Barn offers ample Perches; there are also  Porches and Guard Rails to contain fledglings.

It also feature sloping floors for easy drainage, proper ventilation for good health, and Hinged Doors for easy cleaning.

You can also add a
Gourd Rack and Gourds
Gourds offer additional habitat for your colony.

S & K Quad-Telescoping Pole System
The extra-strong, aircraft-quality, four-section aluminum triangular pole extends to a full 15 feet. It comes with a matching ground sleeve, which when cemented into the ground allows the pole to be easily removed.

S & K Pole Adapters
Already have a pole? - then use one of our optional adapters to match up to the triangular base socket on the Barn with your pole. The round pole adapter fits over a 1" or inside a 2" metal pole and the wooden adapter screws onto a wood pole.




S & K Round Pole System RP19
This round pole is designed to be use with the "Pole-Through-the-House system" from S and K. 13.5 foot high pole is 1.9" O.D. ( outer diameter) and made from extra strong 16 gauge steel. Comes with ground socket.

Pole ships in 3 sections that measure 53.5" and one section that measures 20". This pole also works with the original fountain gourd racks, multi-house rack and universal gourd racks.

S & K Porch Dividers
Sold in sets of 8 these handy black corrugated plastic porch dividers add more privacy for your martins. Easy Snap-in design. Old style color was white.

S & K Door Plug Set
Sold in sets of 12 for standard crescent holes

S & K Pole Guard
Help keep climbing predators from preying on your martin colony.

 How to identify your backyard martins.

Guide to Buying a Purple Martin House.

Guide to Attracting Purple Martins

Helpful hints on maintaining Purple Martin Houses