Gourd Purple Martin Gourds

Eash Gourd is constructed of High Density Polyethylene copolymer plastic - each carries a manufactures limited Lifetime Warranty.

Porches and Large Cleanouts on all styles.  

The Big Bo single gourd measures 9 1/2 in diameter.  Hang it from a strung line or rack using tie wraps or wire. Gourds come with built-in twist opening so you can have round or crescent entry holes!

The Double Bo gourd adds an entry way to the rear nest chamber, protecting the nest from the elements and intruders.  This gourd comes with either round or crescent entry holes, make your selection when checking out.

The Bo Gourd offers additional perch space for your favorite martin family. Large 8 x 6 inch nesting area provides a spacious environment. All Bo Gourds come with built-in twist openings so you can have round or crescent entry holes.

Gourd Rack, Pole and Perch
Here's everything you need to get your new gourds up and swinging.  Two Single Gourd Racks hold up to 12 gourds high on top of a 15-foot, triangular-shaped telescoping pole.  A ground sleeve is included, as is a top perching station. 

S & K Pole Guard
Help keep those pesky critters such as snakes and raccoon's from climbing your pole and preying on your martin colony.

 How to identify your backyard martins.

Guide to Buying a Purple Martin House.

Guide to Attracting Purple Martins

Helpful hints on maintaining Purple Martin Houses