Easy Lift Pole System

Made from strong 2-3/8" galvanized steel alloy, the easy lift pole is perfect for year round exposure. The counter weight system allows for easy raising and lowering of multiple gourds and houses. Ships in four sections.

Top pulley's are fully protected from the weather inside a plastic dome. Bottom pulley is exposed for maintenance and lubrication during the martin season.

A 24 inch ground sleeve is included for quick and easy installation and removal.

NOTE: If Easy-Lift pole is ordered with a Winch NO Perch Rods are included ( they cannot be used when a winch is installed on this pole).

Click here to see the Easy Lift Pole in action!

15 feet Quad Tel Pole
Light weight construction makes it easy to raise and lower any time of the year! A generous 15 feet tall the tri shaped pole provides 4 sections that can be lowered to inspect and clean your gourds, houses or anything you wish to hang. Include a FREE ground socket.


S & K Pole Guard
Help keep those pesky critters such as snakes and raccoon's from climbing your pole and preying on your martin colony.

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