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Song Bird Magnet

Attract Martins and more...

Song Bird Magnet Entice purple martins to fly by your new home with this device! Weather-proof design offers programmable photo cell settings that digitally plays the martins favorite dawn song during the dawn and dusk hours. With a switch of the control knob you can listen to the peaceful and unique bird songs all day long.  

Listen to some of the Purple Martin Chatter from the songbird Magnet

Purple Martin Chatter Short
Purple Martin Chatter Long

Fully adjustable volume control will reach hundreds of yards and includes AC adaptor. Comes with 50 foot cord. Its recommended that you mount the songbird magnet outside facing the general direction of your martin house.

  • Other programmable songs included will help attract other birds such as Eastern Blue Birds, orioles, house wrens and finches.

  • Size: 6.5"L x 5.5"W x 3.5"H wt. 1lb.
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Songbird Magnet  $69.00
Purple Martin Attractor

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