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Scouts Special Gourd Package

Troyer Rack, pole & Gourd System

Troyer Fledgling Gourd Rack & Pole System with 4 Super Gourds features crescent entry holes with inside & outside porches. Round hole gourds can be substituted but come without porches for the same price ( call us to change gourd styles )

Gourd rack comes complete to mount four Super Gourds. Rack glides smoothly up and down the round 12.5 foot pole via a rope. Hardware is stainless steel. Perfect set up for beginners or if your looking for an additional system for your sub adult martins. Porches mount under crescent holes and require minor drilling into the plastic gourd to install.

Package Includes:

  4 Super Gourds with crescent openings & porches, 12.5 foot pulley pole, Perch Rods,Purple Martin Guide Book.

PRICE $269.00

 How to identify your backyard martins.

Guide to Buying a Purple Martin House.

Guide to Attracting Purple Martins

Helpful hints on maintaining Purple Martin Houses