Purple Martin’s care for their young

Adult purple martins spend a great deal of time caring for their young while in the nest. This includes keeping the nest clean, inspecting for parasites and predators, and providing food for the nestlings. They will also protect their young from predators, both by using their body to shield the nestlings and by scaring away potential threats. When foraging for food, adult birds will often carry food back to the nest for the young.

predators of purple martins are hawks, owls, snakes, raccoons and sometimes cats. The birds cope with relying on man made housing by using the housing in combination with natural shelters such as bushes and trees. The birds will use the man made housing to roost and nest, while they will use the natural shelters to feed and flee from predators. In addition, man made housing provides the birds with protection from the elements, such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures.

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