Purple Martin Biology

Purple Martin Biology

Measuring in at 7 to 8 inches, the adult purple martin is designed for effortless flight. With a wingspan of 15 inches, these birds form giant swallows in North America – it’s not unheard of for 90 of them to be seen flying together. However, the purple color doesn’t necessarily signify all members – while adult males are noted by the purple on their bellies and black feathers on their backs, females have this same coloring but with a touch of grey. Juvenile females have similar looks to adults but without the blue tint, whereas young males appear akin to their female counterparts except with some black patches on their chests.

When it comes to plumage, purple martins are most commonly seen with dark blue or black coloring. Thus, depending on the angle of observation, these birds may appear in shades of blue, green, or deep purple. This variety in coloration is helpful in telling males and females apart when they are part of a flock. In addition, their flying style differs from other species. Additionally, hatching usually takes place within 2-3 days and once hatched; the chicks leave the nests after 26-30 days. Finally, the longest lifespan for this bird has been recorded at 13 years.
Purple Martin

The Purple Martin is a beloved bird species that can be seen throughout North America. They are a wonderful addition to any backyard or outdoor space, and they can provide hours of entertainment. To ensure that they thrive in your area, it is important to provide the best possible feeding and housing options for your Purple Martins. Provide them with plenty of large bugs such as wasps, beetles, and flies in order to supply their main source of nutrition. Additionally, make sure to place their housing in an open area so they have easy access and visibility from predators. Finally, keep their home clean by regularly removing old nesting material and replacing it with fresh grasses or straws. With these tips, you will be able to enjoy the presence of beautiful Purple Martins for many years!


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