How to attract Purple Martins

Your Guide to Attracting Purple Martins

Where should you put your house? First and foremost, martins are looking for safety and security. Raise the house to the full extent of your pole (typically 10-15 feet) and keep the house at least 40 feet away from trees. Martins actually want to be near to you!  A location between 40 – 120 ft from your own house works well, as does the center of an open spot or the edge of a pond or lake.

Use Decoys and CD’s/tapes – they work! Martins are social and visual and audile decoys create the appearance of site activity, like cars in the parking lot of a good restaurant.

If at first you don’t see martins, don’t despair. The migration lasts through the end of June! Be diligent, and keep your house maintained. Also, keep your house up through August. While this is too late to attract nesting pairs, this year’s fledglings will already be scouting for next season.

Purple Martin

The Purple Martin is a beloved bird species that can be seen throughout North America. They are a wonderful addition to any backyard or outdoor space, and they can provide hours of entertainment. To ensure that they thrive in your area, it is important to provide the best possible feeding and housing options for your Purple Martins. Provide them with plenty of large bugs such as wasps, beetles, and flies in order to supply their main source of nutrition. Additionally, make sure to place their housing in an open area so they have easy access and visibility from predators. Finally, keep their home clean by regularly removing old nesting material and replacing it with fresh grasses or straws. With these tips, you will be able to enjoy the presence of beautiful Purple Martins for many years!


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