A Purple Martin’s Long Trip to America

Purple Martins are a species of migratory Passerine bird found in North and South America. They breed from as far south as northern Argentina, as far north as Canada, and as far west as the eastern United States. During the spring and summer months, they live in large colonies near wetlands and other bodies of water.

In late summer and early fall, they migrate south and can be found in many parts of Central and South America, including the Amazon basin. In late winter, they migrate north again and arrive in the United States and Canada during the months of April and May. They typically stay in the United States and Canada until late summer when they begin their southward migration again.

Purple Martins are cavity-nesting birds, which means they build their nests in natural or man-made cavities. In some areas, they may inhabit birdhouses or other similar nesting structures.

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